Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Side Effects

Not too much to report in the Barefoot household. We continue to stim away (with much less bloody results, thankfully), and will know after tomorrow's wand-o-rama just how things are going in there. It feels like stuff is going on.....but that could be the spicy enchiladas.

On a lighter note, has anyone else noticed just how many side effects (or, as the brochures like to call them, "adverse events") the packaging on all of the meds lists? They've got it all covered, from the short term (hot flashes) to the long term (ovarian cancer). Honestly, I'd be willing to believe that I could wake up with a second head tomorrow. And I love all of the stickers on the prescription bottles: eat with food, don't chew, may cause dizziness, do not operate heavy machinery, don't dispense to other patients, etc. It's kind of awesome.

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