Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 9 Update

Sorry for not coming up with more entertaining titles for my posts.....all of my energy seems to be focused on managing the big round bloat-o-rama that is my belly. And studded with a couple of nice injection bruises....SEXY! Convenient that this IVF thing doesn't actually involve having sex.

So, another morning with the wand. Lead follie is at 22, but there are a bunch clustered at 14 and 15, so I think they're going to wait for those at the possible expense of the big one.

The most entertaining part of the morning was that the Mr. decided that he wanted to come in for the ultrasound (since apparently I've made the whole process sound so alluring and fun). First of all, I'm not sure he'd ever seen a table with stirrups before, which elicited a gasp. Gasp number two came when the tech did the double-gel-and-con.dom routine over the wand. I lost track of the gasps after that, but he was all blushing and sheepish when it was over. I don't think he'll be joining me tomorrow. What a wuss -- it wasn't even that bad today.

I'm totally getting flowers tonight, though. Or at least the dishwasher emptied. You've got to work it when you can!


Anonymous said...

LOL, make sure you milk it for all you can!!

Hehe, thanks for the comment on my blog. Adding you to my reader list now!!


Carrie said...

Go ovaries, go!

I love all the gasping. That is what baby-making used to be like, right? ;)


Ashley said...

My husband came along to my dildocamming, but when he saw the speculum for the pap (at my 12 week appointment) he had to leave.

At least he doesn't question any more why I hate paps so much.

Barefoot said...

Ashley, too funny. My husband tried to join me for the mock transfer a few weeks ago, saw the speculum, and left. I can't say I blame him. I wanted to leave too!

Flower said...

Great report!!

Way to go DH

Missy said...

When my hubby and I talked about male or female specific dr appts, he would make a big deal about how he would have to have prostate exams and how horrible they are. Then he came to an exam and changed his tune pretty quickly!

Michelle said...

LOL definitely milk it for all it's worth. Good Luck with you IVF!

Misty said...

Hope you got some flowers! Guys have no idea what it is like to get assulted by the u/s day after day.
Wishing you a sucessful IVF!

Emily said...

I love this post! Our poor sheepish hubbies! They really have NO idea. Glad for the update!
Rooting for you!