Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Retrieval Story

Since I don't have a Baby Story to tell (yet?), I hereby give you A Retrieval Story. Warning: it's not very exciting, but I want to have it down for posterity in case I have to go through this whole rigamarole again and need to remind myself that it wasn't that bad.

So. We arrived at 8:15 and immediately got whisked away to the operating suite. Apparently they had 5 retrievals scheduled this morning, so things were hopping. We were led to a pre-op "room" (really just a bed with a curtain around it, flanked by two other beds with curtains around them). I got a sexy gown, set of booties and hair cap, and was told to get undressed and lie down on the bed. They got me this comfy warm blanket that kind of rocked.

We got some instructions from the nurse, and chatted a bit about what would be happening. I didn't expect to be nervous today, but I guess the whole environment was a little more antiseptic and hospital-y than I was expecting, and that kind of threw me for a loop. Just as I was starting to get a little jittery, they wheeled out someone from the OR who was basically freaking out. Crying, moaning in pain, saying all kinds of crazy anesthesia stuff. I was trying not to pay attention, but then I heard her say something just heartbreaking: "It's just that I've never been pregnant before."

Oof. At this point the Mr. started talking baseball to me.

The nurse came back and put in my IV. Not super-fun, but not too bad. The doctor came in to explain the procedure (does he not think I read IF blogs obsessively?), and then we were left alone again for a bit. They wheeled out another patient -- this was one of the couples who were in our IVF class a couple of weeks ago -- and she said through the curtain: "Good luck guys -- I loooooove you." We've met them once.

At this point, I made a mental note to just try and keep my mouth shut after the procedure. :)

Then the anethesiologist came in and we immediately determined that we both went to Cornell (the Mr. was wearing a hat). Things were looking up! She talked a bit about the drugs, and mentioned that I wouldn't be under that deeply so might wake up during the procedure -- WTF? -- but that she'd be there to ease me back under. Great!

Then we got left alone for another few minutes. I started thinking about how we were going to be making embryos and started to tear up a little bit. The Mr. kissed me with his horrible coffee breath, and then we were off to the OR.

I walked in, got on the table, they strapped me down and put a mask on my face, and then skjhfakjhfahzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...................

I did have a dream that I pulled my blackberry out from under the table and e-mailed the Mr. about the procedure, which just goes to show you what a crackberry workaholic addict I am, but whatever. I woke up in the same pre-op "room", and felt great. I also didn't talk. The Mr. came back from his duties of the day, we hung out for a bit, I drank some Gatorade, they tattoed my ass for the PIO shots tonight, we heard we got 8 eggs and would get a call in the morning, and that was it.

I still feel pretty great -- a little cramping and spotting, and a little grogginess, but that's it. I'm going to hang out today, work from home tomorrow, and just try to stay calm and collected until we figure out what's going on with the embies.

Now I'm off to watch my shiny new "Twilight" DVD. Mmmm, vampires.


Elle Charlie said...

Wow, thanks for documenting all that - it was interesting to read what the experience is like.

I can't wait to see Twilight, although I kind of want to read the book first... Hope you enjoyed it and rested well after your big day!

Carrie said...

Yay for your eight eggs and a smooth procedure! :) You and I have basically the same taste in entertainment: I heart SFU and also Edward Cullen. ENJOY and let us know about the fert report asap!


sunflowerchilde said...

Good job, congrats on the 8 eggs! Thanks for the narrative. Honestly I really appreciate being able to read about even the boring mundane aspects of deailng with IF. It makes it all seem much less scary. It sounds like it went really well!

Flower said...

Congrats on having 8 eggs!!! Praying that you have a wonderful Fert report! Tell me all about the PIO shot tonight (wink)

'Murgdan' said...

Congrats on the Super 8!! And thanks for sharing this...I'm terrified I'll become a 'talker'....eek!

Faith said...

Ah! We pretty much had the same day today, right down to Twilight! I look forward to following your journey. Here from ICLW.

Peaches said...

Way to go! 8 is awesome! Thanks for the well documented transfer story...I'm so not good at doing that and know I should be :) (Thought of your cute feet today when I was buying my transfer socks!)

Where's my miracle? said...

8 is great! Thanks for sharing your story. I was great to read! GL with the rest of your cycle!!!

Emily said...

Hooray for 8! Hoping for a fantastic fert report! I hope you enjoyed Twlight! Let DH nurse you back to health! Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Wow, 8 is fab!!

Hehe, I love going under anaesthetic, it totally rocks!!

Good luck

Tracy said...

Congrats on 8 eggs! Thanks for sharing your ER experience. I am triggering tonight for my ER on Sunday.

And I hope "twilight" sedation does include my dreams. :)