Thursday, March 12, 2009

No symptoms ARE good symptoms

Got wanded this morning (by the tech AND the doc -- what a slut!), and we're good to go. My ovaries were playing hide-and-seek, and my uterus was "quite mobile," and apparently my large intestine kept getting in the way (maybe because of the Taco Bell bean burrito I had for dinner at 9:30 last night?), but somehow it was decided that things were as they should be.

I did have this crazy moment of panic -- what if, after all this, it turns out I have no ovaries and they're just noticing now? Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants. Or abdomen. When someone tells you that they're "an expert at finding ovaries" and then can't find yours, you start to wonder. But they found 'em.

So I start stims on Saturday. I suspect they will have NO problem finding the not-so-little buggers next time.

(Thanks for all of the kind words in the comments! It makes it so much easier knowing that there are women out there facing the same crazy hurdles.)


Carrie said...

Yay! It is great to get past the suppression check! I failed mine like three times before I finally got to start this cycle-- you are good to go now!! :) Let me know how the stims go... and where you shoot 'em up!

Anonymous said...

Damn no fair - I only got wanded by the tech. ;) Glad it went well for you! And I am voting for shooting up next during a video conference! LOL - I am cracking up at the the thought of this because I have a weekly VC with a team in India. I can picture their eyes bugging out of their heads watching it all go down.
Have a good one!