Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amateur Hour

So, we started stims last night. I have to admit, I didn't really go into it with the best attitude -- I'd attended a family baby shower earlier in the day, and sat across from someone who basically spent the whole party complaining about how hard it is to have a newborn. I know, I know -- it IS hard (as I hope to find out someday), but it was a little difficult in the moment to see past the Lu.pron and the pre-stims anxiety. On the plus side, there was really good cake.

Anyway, back to the stims. My pre-game thinking: "Wow, those Lu.pron shots have been kind of a breeze, this should be no big deal." Um, yeah. I started with the Lu.pron, just to get things rolling, and managed to hit a blood vessel and bleed all over the place. Not so smooth. Then, a little rattled, we spent 20 minutes trying to figure out if we were mixing the Re.pronex correctly. I'm still not entirely sure, but it seemed to work out. And finally, I came within about a 1/2 inch of impaling myself in the eye with the Go.nal-F pen while trying to "prime" it for its first usage. I'm really not very good with this stuff, apparently.

And now I've had a raging headache for the last 24 hours. Ah, Tylenol, how I love you.

On the bright side, the wonderful Mr. surprised me with this little gift yesterday:

Probably my favorite TV series ever. Definitely my favorite series finale ever. It's nice to have 63 hours of distraction on tap for the next few weeks. Although who am I kidding, I'll probably be done before we get to retrieval.

(Thinking good thoughts here for Carrie, who had her retrieval this morning. Hope all went well!)


Anonymous said...

You will get the hang of the shots. It is nerve wracking though.
Baby showers suck. It is difficult to be there in the first place but it is overwhelming b/c all anyone talks about is pregnancy, birthing and rearing newborns, toddlers and on and on.
After awhile I stopped going to them b/c I just could not handle it. I realized it was okay to stay away- for self preservation.

Flower said...


Be careful now!!

I can see myself doing the same thing...LOL...

Carrie said...

Yay for stims start! :) Thanks for the good thoughts- it seems to have worked!

I am sorry for all the needle nonsense coupled with the whiny-parent nonsense. At least there was cake.

Oh, and as for SFU- my favorite show ever too! I watched two episodes after retrieval yesterday. You have fantastic taste, my dear.


Faith said...

Here from Cyclesista -- glad you've got the first few days of stims under your belt. It's fast from here!!