Wednesday, March 18, 2009


That's how I feel after this morning's ultrasound. My right ovary will still not come out to play, and they only saw 2 follies (12 and 9) on the left side. My E2 level was OK (261), and the doctor is still optimistic, but they're upping my Go.nal-F from 225 to 300 and the doctor used the dreaded "C" word (as in, Convert to IUI). Not as something he necessarily thought was likely to happen, but something that we might want to think about. Because apparently the first time we thought about IUI and rejected the possibility due to male factor issues was apparently not enough! Anyway, it's back in the stirrups on Friday, so we'll know more then.

I'm trying to stay even-keeled about this -- I've only done 4 days of stims, it's early and they can still play with my doses, and the E2 seems to indicate that my right ovary is doing SOMETHING. Plus, I feel very different on Day 4 than I did on Day 2, which gives me hope that things will get cooking even more before Day 6.

I guess most of all, I feel like a big wuss getting all worked up about today's appointment -- I mean, this is nothing compared to how the two-week wait (if I'm lucky enough to get there) is going to feel.

I think I need to, as the Mr. would say, "sack up."


Carrie said...

It is hard to see less than you thought you would. If it helps at all, I was disappointed in my left side, but as the stims continued, it caught up and with the final HCG trigger, it produced almost as many. You might be surprised!

Hugs to you- you are SO not a wuss. :)


Emily said...

Hey follies, WAKE THE F UP!!! K? Thx, bye! :) Hoping Friday brings lots of follies!

em via CS

Flower said...

I'm sure the follies in the right ovary will come out and play very soon. Can't wait to read about your scan on Friday (hugs)