Friday, April 3, 2009

3dp5dt -- Waiting sucks

I wish I had something pithy and wonderful to say today, but I am currently paralyzed by the not-quite-two-week wait. My mind may wander to inconsequential things like, oh, work, for about five minutes, and then I'm right back into "am I or aren't I?" mode.

I know it's way too early for any meaningful symptoms (not to mention the lovely progesterone cocktail* running through my veins), but I am tired as hell despite sleeping like a log every night (very unusual for insomniac me) and have been feeling like hurling on and off for the last two days. And this morning's odd development is that I brewed myself up a tasty cup of decaf, and then was so totally turned off by the smell that I couldn't drink it.

I know this is probably all in my head, but since I'm pretty much living in my head these days it all seems like a very big deal.


*By the way, did I mention that I could really use a cocktail?!?!?


Pepper said...

Yup. And doesn't a glass of wine sound lovely?

Flower said...

No drinks for you Missy (wink)
Come on BFP!!! When are you going to test?

Carrie said...

Too exciting... and so frustrating to not be able to test yet! When is your beta?

Have a fun weekend with another person around. ;)


My Endo Journey said...

Waiting SUCKS!!! Hope your soup helped to comfort the soul today!