Monday, April 6, 2009

6dp5dt -- Evil, evil progesterone

I am in need of some serious sedation. I spent most of last night tossing and turning and running to the bathroom every hour or so, convinced that I had gotten my period. I had 4 dreams about telling the doctor I'd gotten my period, telling my mother I'd gotten my period, having my period stop and telling everyone about that, and meeting Carrie Underwood. Carrie and I did not talk about my period.

I somehow managed to stop myself from peeing on a stick, because 1) every time I pee on stick, I get my period immediately afterwards, and 2) the Mr. is seriously opposed to testing because he thinks it will make my mental state even worse. I'M NOT SURE HOW THAT IS POSSIBLE.

So, this morning I consulted Dr. Google and Dr. Infertility Blogosphere and learned that progesterone can provide that magical combination of both period AND pregnancy symptoms. So the fact that I am bloated, constipated, crampy, sweaty, cranky and crazy could really mean anything.

And isn't that comforting?


Flower said...

Go POAS please!!!I am just waiting on you to post that BFP! Sweet talk the Mr. (wink) You are stronger than me...I would have POAS about a dozen times already...LOL

babyinterrupted said...

I am so, so with you. Every single day there's at least one point when I am totally convinced that my period is coming. The emotional rollercoaster is WAY worse during the 2ww than it's been the entire time. But, for myself, I am determined NOT to POAS because I've heard bad stories either way: women who tested positive but were having a chemical pg, or women who tested negative and were thrown into total despair but then the beta came back positive. So I'm trying to hold out.

Come on, Thursday!! (Or, in my case, Friday!!)

sunflowerchilde said...

Don't do it! I don't know much about IVF transfers and how soon you can test, but I agree with your husband - if it can't help and it could hurt, it's probably not a good idea.

Still - you're almost there! Hang in there! You have lots of people sending positive thoughts your way.

My Endo Journey said...

Almost there!!! Just a few more about some more soup? Mmmm!!!

Anonymous said...

Progesterone is horrible. I can't stand the stuff! I have my fingers crossed for you.

Emily said...

Don't do it! I am determined to stay far away from the POAS this cycle. They are the harbinger of doom for my cycles and they definitely make my mental state worse. I agree with your hubs!

I have been on the progesterone for almost a week already and haven't even had transfer yet. It is wreaking havoc on me - insomnia, sore bbs, aerolas the size of salami and oh the peeing! Happy, happy joy, joy!

Hang in there!!! Everything crossed :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, progesterone (especially PIO, which is systemic) can give you ALL of the PMS and also pregnancy symptoms (in fact, have you ever noticed that PMS and early pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same anyway? Very annoying).

I'd totally be POASing right now - I'm impressed with you. I *always* say that I'm not going to POAS at all and then I *always* do.