Sunday, April 5, 2009

5dp5dt -- Seriously nothing to report

I wish I had something exciting to say, but the last two days have been one giant exercise in trying to distract ourselves, with limited success. The highlight of the weekend was playing bingo with my husband's grandmother at her retirement home. I got bingo. Thrilling. Today I'm going for a pedicure and may just make a therapeutic run to Target.

Like I said -- nothing to report.

Is it Thursday yet?


Carrie said...

Bingo, Target and a pedicure sounds like pretty nice day to me! :) Wish we lived by each other... we'd cause all kinds of trouble.


Thursday will be here before you know it. But I remember wanting to sedate myself right about where you are.

Emily said...

Target & a pedi?!?! How jealous am I? I am totally scheduling one during my 2ww!

C'mon thursday! Sending you all kinds of good vibes :)

K said...

Anxiously waiting for your Thursday results.....our Beta days are 1 day apart (mine is Friday.) Have you POAS yet?

Barefoot said...

K, I am trying to resist the urge to POAS. I think it will actually make things worse in my head. What about you?

K said...

I know. I hear ya... I have not POAS. DH wants me to. I have the exact same symptoms as you, and also know they go both ways. I guess the only reason I would is to prepare myself for a BFN before they call with results - so I don't get completely hysterical on the phone. Ya, selfish reason.... ;)