Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A packing challenge

Does somebody want to come over and pack a suitcase for me? Here's what I've got on tap over the next 12 days:
  • Three days in San Diego
  • Five days in Boston
  • Four days in Connecticut
Oh, and did I mention the most fun part?

My body is changing daily. Some days the boobs are huge, sometimes they're even more huge, and the belly seems to expand throughout the day, and contract a bit during the night. Oh, and my lower back is KILLING ME, so heels are torture. But my legs, which are currently my only passable feature, look terrible without them.



IF Optimist, then... said...

Did I mention that I'm a computer geek? You don't want my fashion advice. I do love my dansko shoes (,0,1,3) they are made for comfort, but are still kinda cute. Bring the biggest bra, anything stretchy is your friend. Good luck chica.

Michele said...

Busy girl! My OB would kill me (even pre cerclage) with a schedule like yours! Make sure in your heavy travels leave some relaxation time for you. Especially with that aching back! Have you tried any of the cushy gel inserts? I know... There's not too much you can do to make heels comfy.

Melissa Griffin said...

Hey - your coming to my home town of Boston...well I live outside Boston! But hey thats cool!!!
You do have a busy schedule..try and take it easy :-)

babyinterrupted said...

Oh, man - I suck at packing even without the pregnancy complications. (Basically, I hate carrying heavy stuff so I underpack and then have to wear the same stuff over and over again. In contrast to my husband, who always overpacks but does, to his credit, have enough clothing with him.) Hope the travel isn't too exhausting.

Tracy said...

I hope you find some time to relax with all that traveling! I have no advice for the packing, I never pack everything that I need. I would think stretchy clothing would be the most comfortable though! :)