Friday, October 16, 2009

Transverse "lay"

OK, apparently it's actually a transverse "lie," but I swear my OB said "lay" yesterday, which perked my husband's ears right up as it sounded vaguely dirty.

But it's not. A transverse lie is what they call it when your baby feels like lying (laying? I can never get that straight) sideways, rather than head-down. In my case, it's not really a big deal yet because babies don't generally get into launching position until after 32 weeks. But it does explain why my stomach has been looking a little wide and OMG CAN YOU PLEASE GET YOUR FEET OUT FROM BETWEEN MY RIBS, BEBE?!?

Anyway, so I'm thinking lots of head-down thoughts and doing extra puppy poses, which the yoga instructor says is supposed to help such things. At least I think it's the puppy pose -- I've been a cat, cow, pigeon and camel in the last couple of weeks so it gets kind of confusing. But basically it means you get on all fours and put your head down on your crossed arms, which doesn't look like a puppy at all IMHO but does have the added benefit of moving the baby off of your bladder. If only I could work all day in puppy pose, I would be getting a lot more done.

Anyway, back to the doctor. Everything otherwise looks/sounds good (my weight gain seems to be plateauing, which was nice news), and I got a seasonal flu shot. Supposedly the swine flu shot will be arriving at my OB's office "any day now," so I have that to look forward to.

Oink! Have a great weekend, everyone.


zengirl said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure if you're into acupuncture/TCM, but I've heard my TCM doctor talking about how he used moxibustion to help breech babies turn around by themselves into the correct position. It may be worth trying since it's a completely drug-free and a non-invasive way of getting the baby to turn itself.

Amber said...

I have been wondering about the head down thing. Thanks for the info. Glad the appointment went well and hope your babe turns head down! :-)

A said...


Carrie said...

I have two head down and one transverse... the transverse is super uncomfy!

As you know, most babies turn, and I am sure your little darling will not defy Mommy this early. Right? ;)

One day we'll be talking about tranverse lay and mean a sex position. That is the plan, anyway!

Michele said...

Have you tried pelvic tilts? In my Bradley classes, those were taught as ways to help baby move and they have worked in my experience!

Sue said...

I've heard acupuncture is very successful at helping a baby move into the right position. I've also heard some success with a bag of frozen peas on the top of your belly...apparently the baby doesn't like the cold and moves away from head down. But, those seem to be remedies for later on...when you know the baby is in the wrong position and likely to stay that way...but who'd want to be upside down for 8 weeks anyway...doesn't that sound uncomfortable? You sound great otherwise!

Ben & Anne said...

Apparently balancing on a birth ball with your legs apart helps, I have been doing a lot of that whilst relaxing in the evening in front of TV etc (so ladylike!). Also lots of walking. Good luck

Emily said... is a great site for all things position related.
You sound like you are doing great. We would love a belly pic :)

Brooke said...

I hope she turns for you and gets those toes out of your ribs. I am anxious to get the swine flu shot because so many people in the area have come down with it. My boss has it right now! EEEK.