Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missing in action

I just realized today that it's been nearly a MONTH since I last posted. Yikes! It seems like a few days.

I've been slammed at work, and traveling a lot -- which sucks but the Chicklette is getting lots of Daddy time, so it's not all bad.

The big news -- other than the fact that the Chicklette gets cuter by the minute, in my completely biased opinion -- is that we have our first tooth! The first thing I thought when she sunk that little chomper into my finger was THANK GOD I'M NOT GIVING HER THE BOOB ANYMORE.

Anyway, more to come soon, including my newfound complete ambivalance about attempting to have child number two. And the mild havoc it is wreaking on my marriage.

I hope anyone who's still reading this sad excuse for a blog is doing well.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We all go AWOL from time to time don't worry xD

Mush said...

Thought you were going to say you were expecting! Wouldn't that just be amazing for you.

Hope you are okay and it's good to see you back. x

Amber said...

Nice to hear from you! Those little teeth are sharp, aren't they?!

Sue said...

I am still awaiting teeth amid some newfound crankiness! Glad to see you back. I'm a bad blogger too, so no worries! Glad to hear all is well!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We have 5 through now, and I have to confess when the top ones joined the bottom ones, I approached nursing very gingerly! But she seems to be behaving - far more interested in stuffing her fingers in my mouth than anything.