Sunday, September 19, 2010

The great Halloween debate

Yes, I know. It's only September 19th. But I already feel like I'm behind schedule in making the very important major decision of the Chicklette's Halloween costume.

I figure I've got this one year, and maybe next, to assert my costume authority before we're bending to the whims of whatever princess/Dora/Hanna Montana ridiculosity has captured the Chicklette's imagination. It's a big decision. No ladybugs or bumblebees -- they're cute as hell, but everyone's a ladybug or a bee. And apparently it is child abuse (according to my husband and mother) to dress my kid up as a skunk, even though it's the cutest costume I've seen out there and highly appropriate given the stink cloud regularly surrounding my child's nether regions.

So, I think we're left with this. A monarch butterfly. Am I crazy for spending $50 on a costume that will get worn for 10 minutes? Probably. But the opportunity to bend the Chicklette to my will for perhaps the last Halloween, and take about 200 pictures while doing it?



Sue said...

That is the coolest.costume.ever!! It is so cute!!! We went a different mom tends to think that my daugher's name was a reference to a Winnie the Pooh character "Tigger" (yes, we get the point, you don't like the name), so guess what my LO is for halloween? You guessed it. Tigger!! It'll probably be her nickname for life. And, we spent way too much too. But, again, Priceless.

Kelly said...

Funny you mention it... our little guy IS going to be a skunk! (but the one from Old Navy) It's so cute. Love the butterfly!

Anonymous said...

The butterfly is beyond adorable but the skunk is just too funny! I love it! :)
Good to have you back blogging!

Ben & Anne said...

Oh that is soooooo cute!!! She will look adorable, the photos will be well worth the money! I wish we had more of a costume custom in England, it's pumpkin or pumpkin here.... So my little boy will be a very cute pumpkin!

30SomethingDINK said...

The monarch is adorable. You're smart to grasp these couple of years to be in charge of the costume, because I'm sure you won't be in charge for long.