Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking the "moo" out of motherhood

For anyone out there who might still be interested in the state of my breastfeeding efforts -- and let's face it, I'm barely interested these days -- here's a quick update.

At 6 months, 1 week, things are winding down. Since I returned to work until about three weeks ago, I had been breastfeeding once in the morning, and then pumping 5-6 times per day (including one middle-of-the-night pump). About two weeks ago, I started consistently dropping one daytime pump, bringing the total down to 5 pumps. I was only getting about 10-12 ounces from all of those, but continuing to chug along.

Last week, I got my period and decided that the 2 a.m. pump was going to go. Almost immediately my supply dropped to 7-8 ounces per day. Now I'm down to about 5 ounces over 4 pumps, and I think I'm done. I'm spending close to 90 minutes a day at work pumping very little milk, and that's time I could be spending getting work done so that I can go home and play with the Chicklette. All for one bottle a day. Also, I've got two multi-day business trips coming up, and the thought of a) dragging my pumping stuff with me, and b) figuring out whether to pump and dump or ship milk back on dry ice is just too much for my frazzled brain.

So. I'm going to cut a pump every few days until I'm done. I'll keep feeding her in the morning for as long as there's something to feed her, but the dairy bar is otherwise closing.

I'm trying not to feel too gleeful at the prospect of getting my boobs back, but I can't help it. I'm already planning my nursing bra-burning party.


Amber said...

6 months is GREAT! I was so glad to get back to a regular bra after only three months so I can only imagine how you feel after six.

Ben & Anne said...

you have done a great job. enjoy underwiring again!

EC said...

You did a fantastic job going to six months. Enjoy normal bras! Weirdly I hate underwire now, it just doens't feel right wearing one for more than an hour.

kdactyl said...

I only managed to make it 7 months as my supply was just getting less and I totally understand. You gave your baby a great start in life with all that good moo juice. Enjoy nice bras again and all that time you get back!

Brooke said...

Good job on making it 6 months! Every day that you breastfeed your baby is doing her so much good. Wouldn't it be nice if the period just didnt show up until you were ready to make another baby!? :)

K said...

wonderful endurance!