Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm working from home today, sans Chicklette. Yep, I passed up the opportunity to spend the day with her and took her to daycare. And let me just say, I have not achieved this level of productivity since, oh, December 22.

Things today that are kind of awesome:
  • I can grind coffee beans with impunity! No need to worry about a baby napping.
  • I can get through a conference call without apologizing for a baby fart!
  • I can go to the gym!
  • I can lavish attention on my cats, who I sometimes go days without thinking about!
Don't get me wrong, I will be running stop signs to get to her this afternoon. But before that, I will enjoy the luxury of the next 6 hours. Even though I'm working.

Because working for The Man is waaaaaay easier than working for The Baby.


Emily said...

Long time no see! I am totally jealous of your ability to maintain a blog. I last blogged when E was 3weeks old. SAD!
I can sooo identify with your Bfing woes. My supply is lacking and E's weight is lagging - ugh! Not fun at all.
Hoping to be around more often!

Donna said...

The joys of daycare!

kdactyl said...

I totally understand this. I look forward to Thursdays because I take my son to daycare and then work from home for just 5 hours (I'm lucky that my work let me go 75% time after he was born). I get sooooo much done on these days and all the laundry gets done in between calls, spreadsheets and email. I am refreshed and totally enjoy going to get my boy in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous