Sunday, February 21, 2010

IComLeaveWe: All apologies, and where do I go from here?

(For the short version of my history, please visit the sidebar. And be forewarned: lots of baby talk in these here parts.)

I had a quiet moment the other day while the Chicklette was napping, and I didn't have anything urgent to do (translation: I had nowhere to be that day so didn't have to race to the shower/fold a load of laundry/pump frantically), so I hopped onto Stirrup Queens to check in. And realized that I hadn't done so in, oh, the amount of time between that moment and when I checked into the hospital three days before Christmas. And then I realized how behind I am on news from around the ALI blogosphere, outside of the folks whose blogs I hurriedly check via my Google reader.

And I felt horrible. And selfish. How much support did I get from this community during my infertility struggles? A TON. How much did it mean to me to feel connected with other people who understood our screwed up little world? More than I can express. And now I sit here and basically complain about how hard it is to have a baby. Nice, hunh?

And so, I offer an apology. Without excuses. I'm just sorry.

And then I got to thinking -- where does this blog go from here? I imagine at some point it will detail the fun world of secondary infertility, but until then I have a feeling that anything I write will be pretty singularly focused on those things which consume my days -- diapers, boobs, crying jags, and the occasional glimpse of cute, happy baby. In a couple of months, I'll write about going back to work. I know that there are many, many people for whom this is either too painful or uninteresting to read. But I'll likely still plug away. I'll keep signing up for IComLeaveWe, with fair warning about the content of my blog. But I know that on some level I'll continue to suck, and occasionally (or more than occasionally) rub someone the wrong way when the annoying mom lady comments on their blog.

So. I've tweaked the name of my blog, and made a few changes here and there, but I'll still be around in some form or another. And will try harder to do more than just talk about myself.

And with that wonderful introduction....welcome! And happy ICLW! I look forward to getting to know more of you and your blogs this week.


K said...

Blessing on the new arrival. Don't feel bad, it takes a while to back to the swing of things.

Jaymee said...

congratulations!! we all have lives, and some fade for a moment while others pick up and that is just fine!


IF Optimist, then... said...

I'll be honest admit that when I was beginning my IVF process, I didn't follow any blogs of folks who were already pregnant or on to motherhood (except Mel's). I would visit an occasional postIF mom blog if they were in ICLW or Show and Tell. I chose to follow a particular group and am happy to see that they made it through pregnancy or are almost at the end and motherhood's challenges await. I feel it is very important to travel through this process and see the light at the end of the tunnel. If folks never made it, hope would fade. I get that it is difficult in juggling a new life with this wee chicklette and I want to know how you've made it through a hard day. :-) But that is just me and I'm weird like that.

Anonymous said...

I've also noticed that I don't feel 'right' commenting on blogs where they are still working towards their BFP, feeling like it would be just rubbing in our success. But, I also know that when I was going through treatment it was really important to me to read the happy endings, as that gave me hope that we could have our own. Keep blogging, it's also a great record for you and your little one.

Anonymous said...

As a mother of a five year old and someone currently dealing with IF issues I love reading your blog. Your perspective and humor are fantastic! Thanks for blogging!

tomi said...

I love reading your blog though I mostly lurk and was so glad to hear about chicklette's arrival.

Happy ICLW


Love B&P said...

You've been in my blog roll for quite some time - I've enjoyed keeping up with your pregnancy and the little chicklette's arrival! She was born shortly after my little peanut was. Believe me, you don't have to apologize for your lack of blogging... I get to blog far and few between lately... Happy ICLW :)

bibc said...

you don't need to talk about anything besides yourself and what topics matter to you. if people are put off by it, they simply won't read. im personally going through some of the worst parts of IF, things i didn't even think could happen to me, and i don't hold it against anyone that gets a bfp or a baby. i wish them all the best. sometimes it stings a bit but i remember that we are all in this together, successful or not, so i give my support/congratulations now with the full realization that i will need support (and hopefully congrats) back eventually myeslf.
im sorry to hear the chicklette had a rough time with shots :o( but glad she is back to normal today!