Friday, August 21, 2009

23 weeks!

Lots of random updates and other incoherent thoughts on this lovely Friday:

  • I had my 23-week appointment today, and everything looks great. The chicklette's heart was banging away at 146 beats per minute, and just as my OB asked me if the baby had been active, she gave the Doppler a good kick. Cheeky little girl. And in quite possibly the best news of the week, my weight gain is "looking good" -- only 2 pounds this month. Wooohoo!
  • I've been doing a lot of driving to work this week, and have been really enjoying the Pregtastic Pregnancy Podcast. I've learned all sorts of things about epidurals, yoga, sex and traveling while pregnant. If anyone's got time to burn in the car and wants to listen to a bunch of preggos talk about their experiences at different weeks in their pregnancy, there's an hour episode each week that's free on iTunes.
  • We decided for sure to go ahead with the remodel. So now I have 48 hours to figure out what kind of tile we want. I've got no frickin' idea. Oh, and I think we move into my mom's house on Tuesday. Lovely.

Anyway, that's what's going on with the Barefoots. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Flower said...

23 was flying really fast you. so glad to read that your little girl is doing great.

Kiki said...

what a great report!!! have fun with the remodel, i hope it's over very fast! :)

Michele said...

23w! That is wonderful!!! I am just thrilled!

Echloe said...

I used to love listening to pregtastic. Enjoy your chicklette.

A said...

I cant believe youre 23 weeks aready! I feel like just yesterday you were getting your BFP!! Congrats! I look forward to seeing your remodel when its done!

Beautiful Mess said...


Glad Chicklette doing all she needs to be doing. And some she shouldn't be doing. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about when you say she kicks on in the tailbone and "other" areas.

Good luck with the remodel and staying with your mom..EEK! Just think "ahhhh TUB"

Ashley said...

Congratulations on 23 weeks of pregnancy! That is so exciting! I have been reading your blog and we started ttc about the same time so I'm hoping you rub off on me! :)

I can't wait to see remodel pictures, I am a before and after remodel addict. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Great news. Good luck picking out tile. Lots of choices

EEMiles said...

I still haven't warmed up to podcasts yet...maybe I just haven't found the right one yet!!

Glad your appt went well!!!


In Due Time said...

Glad everything is going well at 23 weeks.

Good luck with the remodel. Let us know which tiles you decide on.

Carrie said...

Yay! Happy 23, Chicklette! :)

So excited you get to start the remodel soon. Can we see before and after pics? Send me tile samples- I am happy to offer an opinion. ;)

Have a great weekend!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

ive stopped by before, but not sure if i left my two cents. no time like the present..

yay for 23 weeks and a perfect little girl! ive never heard of that itunes download. may have to check it out..


Busted Tube said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I look forward to reading along. Good luck with your remodel, those projects can be exhausting even if you're not doing the work yourself :-)


Gabby said...

count me among the ones who can't believe your 23 weeks - wow - time flies!

good to know about those podcasts - i will definitely look into those when the time comes!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Here from ICLW! Congrats on 23 weeks!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the remodel goes right on schedule! I couldn't make it without a tub. Good idea to get it out of the way before Chicklett makes her debut! Congrats on the great 23wk check-up!

Kate said...

Happy 23 weeks! Congratulations!
And ohhhhhhh a tub. Sounds lovely.
I have one but it does not call me. I had one in a past life that was spacious clawfooted perfection. I could entirely submerge in it. Ahhhh a tub. Hope the remodel goes perfectly,


Kristen's Raw said...

So happy for you and your cheeky little girl. Lovely.

Thanks for the podcast recommendation. Will take a listen. :)