Sunday, April 4, 2010

A very happy Easter

Easter week has been a very happy time in the Barefoot family as of late. Last Holy Thursday, we got the amazing call letting us know that our IVF cycle had been successful. And last Easter, this generally non-churchgoing couple of semi-lapsed Catholics got dressed in our Sunday best and went to Mass. I remember standing there, hand on my belly, so very thankful for the little life growing inside of me.

Today, we'll be taking the grandparents to church, with that little life squirming (and hopefully not crying -- ohpleaseohpleaseohplease) next to me.

I am so very thankful. And I don't take for granted for a minute what a miracle it is that we'll have a bonneted beautiful baby with us today.

Even if she hasn't pooped for two days and will probably let loose all over her fancy dress.

Happy Easter, peeps.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear that your proud and thankful of your little one. =) As we would sing in my Baptist church... "Oh be thankful for the good things that you've got. For the good things that you've got, are for others just a dream... So... be thankful for the good things that you've got!" Lol. This post reminded me of that song for some reason. =)

From a girl who is still "dreaming" of being a mom someday.. its nice to see someone not whine and complain about the absolute blessing that they have been given. Forgetting that there are many others who would gladly take their spot! Thank you for that.

God bless and Happy Easter!! XOXO