Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Girl Who Cried "Baby"

On Friday I became that girl. The girl who cried "baby."

It started off as a normal day. I got up at 6:30, worked for a couple of hours, and headed to the gym. Of course I had to pee when I got there (that 5-minute drive sure is a killer), so I headed into the ladies room. I did my thing, followed by the customary toilet-paper analysis routine, and -- what's that? Could it be? Could that be part of a mucous plug? That smear of snot-like material? I wiped again and found more, and then more after that, and decided that yes, indeed, this was probably part of the plug.

Knowing that this didn't necessarily mean anything imminent is happening, I proceeded with my workout as usual (40 lame minutes at a lame pace on the lame lowest setting of the elliptical trainer).

And then things started to get weird. My regular 39-week lower back pain got noticeably more painful, and I started to feel some mild pressure on my pelvis. I had a prenatal massage scheduled, so I went to that, where the pelvic pain progressed to the point where I almost couldn't roll from one side to the other on the table, get off the table at the end of the massage, or get back into my clothes. The massage therapist was convinced I was in early labor.

On the way home, the pelvic pain got worse, and I started to shake and my teeth started to chatter. I called the Mr. and told him I thought maybe he should think about taking the afternoon off. I called my mom and asked her to come over for a bit. I even told my boss (it was my last official day of working from home before my leave) that I might not make it to an afternoon conference call. I sat on my yoga ball and rolled and breathed, and tried to wrap up some work stuff.

The pain and pressure got worse as the day wore on, but I never felt anything that seemed like a contraction, so decided to wait it out and not call my doctor. I spent the afternoon lying on the couch, watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy, and having the Mr. help me up when I needed to pee. I ate a bland lunch Just In Case. I napped, exhausted, and went to bed early.

And woke up on Saturday.

Feeling great!

But kind of like an ass. I'm pretty sure that this baby is going to be crowning before I call anyone else to tell them I think I might be in labor.

Meanwhile, it's two days later and still no baby. No bloody show, no meaningful contractions, no more plug action. There's been yoga and walking and sex and spicy food and various pleas directed towards the belly, but no sign of baby.

Kid, you've got 3 more days before I am Officially Impatient. You hear me?


Michele said...

I had to laugh. I think the baby is having a funny at your expense!

Sue said...

I would have been freaking out too! But, I must say, I am impressed you still are doing the elliptical and everything! I can't wait to hear the (real) good news!!!! :-P

Jo said...

Getting so excited for you. Can't wait to meet her!


Flower said...

Awh man...I thought for sure you were about to say you had your baby girl. She is really getting ready to make her appearance. KUP

Kerri said...

Well...I went into labor 2 days after I lost my plug, so you never know!! It's so hard not to get impatient at the end. My advice would be: get as much sleep as you can now because you won't be getting ANY very, very soon!

just me, dawn said...

she'll be here soon!!

Courtney said...

I don't think any of us will be any different. Your incredible for continuing to work out even after the mucus plug!
This baby will be here so soon!

Brooke said...

Sorry you had a "false" alarm. Try not to think of it as false labor. Its all real labor it just is going to take more of it to get your little girl out! I am getting impatient as well. I bet you are getting super close. Yeah!!

Valerie said...

I'm glad you wrote this; it sounds like me. It's really hard to tell what's going on especially with us girls with our first babies.

Hold strong... you can do it. I'm sure you'll know when you need to book it to the hospital!!

Anonymous said...

False alarm. Sounds like you are so ready. Sending you well wishes.

Emily said...

Bummer on the false labor! Just a dress rehearsal, I guess. Me thinks it means good things though!!! Thinking of you!

My Endo Journey said...

:) She'll be here soon!!!!

Donna said...

I had the same thing happen to me at 35 wks! I felt like an idiot afterwards!!! But I'm sure everyone does it. I can't wait until she really does get here.