Monday, October 22, 2012

Hangin' in at 15 weeks

Still here. Still pregnant (at least I think so). Exhausted after a weekend of a toddler with gastrointestinal distress -- I now literally know what it means to be elbow deep in poop.

Somehow, I've rounded the corner into the second trimester. I'm sporting a little pooch, and am in that delightful not-quite-ready-for-maternity-clothes-but-obviously-larger stage, which is garnering some odd looks at work (where I'm not "out" to the wider world quite yet). The morning/afternoon sickness is more or less gone, as is the fatigue, which is nice.

Not so nice: the positive results from the first-trimester screening, which means I'm headed for an amnio next week. (In this context, "positive results" are not necessary positive.) I'm not worried about the actual test -- oddly enough, big needles don't really scare me much anymore -- but I am of course worried about the results.  It's a small chance (1 in 72) that something is wrong....but somehow that's not super-comforting at the moment.

The bright side: Getting to find out just a wee bit earlier than planned what flavor the baby is....which I guess means we won't have any more excuses for delaying the talk with the Chicklette about Becoming a Big Sister. Can't wait to see how that one goes!


Unknown said...

i am new to the world of ivf and have soooo many questions. we have my first intial appt with the ivf doc monday. what kinds of questions should i be asking when i go? please help

janzi said...

just come across your blog...loving the way you write about serious things with a humour that is hard to ignore... good on you... hope all is well and that the little bean is getting much bigger by the day..Have you told her yet she's going to be a big sis yet?? I loved the whole experience of motherhood, had five, who thank God, have all turned out ok... got to be a miracle that, cos I really didnt know what I was doing most of the time, and flew by the seat of my pants!!! Now they are grown and some have married and given me grandchildren, but I will never forget the business of becoming a mother, and I am sure you will be the same.. look forward to hearing more about your journey... all the best, Janzixx

Kate said...

Hope all is well. I've been thinking lots about you, and am just keeping my fingers crossed that your quiet has to do with busy and not with Bad Things. xox