Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fabulous Food Friday (um, well, Sunday): Baby Food Edition

I have been ridiculously changeable when it comes to the whole baby-food-making thing. First I was all gung ho about doing it. Then I had the baby and realized that I would be lucky if I had time to bathe (myself) daily. And then I started to feel guilty, so thought I might do it. Then I went back to work.

We started solids about six weeks ago, and were on grains for the first 3-4 (our ped is VERY conservative about what to offer and how long to wait before offering different things). Then we started veggies, and inevitably the little Gerber plastic packs entered our lives. I've been tasting along the way -- most are OK, but after trying one pretty putrid pack of green beans (honestly, it tasted like someone opened a can of beans and threw them in a blender), I decided that I was going to give food making a try. How hard could it be? And I wouldn't make everything -- we'd just try one item and see how it went.

As of today, she'd had sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, peas and the aforementioned green beans. Zucchini seemed like a logical next step. Mild, easy to find this time of year, nice and watery. So I steamed some up, and threw them in the food processor. The result tasted pretty good, I thought. Certainly as good or better as any of the Gerber stuff. I mean, I would have liked to add salt and maybe some garlic and a spoonful of parmesan, but it will probably be 2 years before our pediatrician lets us feed any of those things to our baby. So plain zucchini it was.

My daughter? So not into it. And this is the girl who's eaten pretty much everything so far with aplomb. There was spitting, and crying, and just general misery. Baby torture, apparently. So, now I've got a vat of zucchini sludge in the fridge. I'll try again tomorrow, but somehow I think that Project Turkey Puree is going to be put on indefinite hold. And I was so looking forward to blended meat.

Well played, Gerber. Well played. I don't know what kind of crack you put into your nasty little plastic packages, but I suppose I will have to continue buying it.

For now.


ana said...

We have the opposite---we started out making our own, and when we tried the jars on vacation, he refused them, and continues to do so. There is something apparently repellent in the Earth's Best Organic baby food jars...

My guy eats his green beans at daycare, no problem, but oh the faces he makes at home when we try them are pretty much priceless.

Donna said...

It's amazing what little man will eat and what he won't! He has a definate dislike of bananas and pears...try to find a baby food out there that doesn't have one of these two fruits mixed in!

Anonymous said...

Try: which is advice on how to skip the mush stage (which is a recent introduction to baby-raising) and go straight to steamed veg and other solids. I found it hugely liberating, and my son loved it (asparagus spears were a particular favourite).

Ignore the claims that a child who has been brought up this way won't be fussy though. And it probably is directly responsible for my son's aversion to mushy textures, one year on.

Amber said...

LOL! I've thought about making Drake's baby food, too. I know the stuff in a jar tastes like crap, but I guess babies like it. :-) It does make it pretty easy, and I don't feel too bad about throwing some out if he doesn't eat it in the recommended amount of time.

Brooke said...

So funny. I haven't tried anything jarred on my lil one. I have pureed or mashed everything and the one thing he hates is avocado. I would try doing some blueberries since you dont have to steam them. Or pears. Our guy loves pears. Those are both super easy to just blend up. I need to introduce some green beans probably since he only eats orange things in the veggie category. I actually like to freeze my baby food in ice cube trays label and plop them in a freezer bag then I can just pull out the amount I want. Makes it easier to try stuff with out worrying it will go bad.Its good for at least a month after frozen.

I think as far as those things go you should do what works best for you but any time you can give your baby something fresh that hasn't traveled or had preservatives added you are doing a good thing. I love to buy local fruit at the farmers market. Good luck!

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