Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melt my heart, why dontcha?

Earlier this week, I was in my favorite place -- the pool. More specifically, in the locker room after finishing my swim, when I probably feel physically better than any other time of the day/week.

I had just finished up a swim that was pretty special. For most of the time I was doing laps, I could feel the chicklette burbling around in there, kind of like we were swimming together. So I was already in wistful mode as I was heading towards my locker.

Right next to me were a mom and her 3-ish year old daugther, getting dressed. The mom was doing her hair and makeup, and the little girl was sitting on a bench, swinging her legs and quietly watching every move. Suddenly, she says:

"Mommy? I loooove you."

After a few days of trying to picture what having a daughter would look like for me, this scene totally brought it home, and gave me a little glimpse into the future.

Unless, of course, my daughter hates me. But I'm hoping that won't happen until she's at least 12.


Petrucia said...

ooohhh! I can just picture the little girl with her mommy in the locker room. soooo cute! That's a great inspiration for you. and you can be sure she'll love you (after 12 we never know...) :)
A friend of mine spent a few days with us with her little 5 year old daughter. It was adorable to see them together.
congrats on your pregnancy!

Carrie said...

AWWW! My daughter is three and no matter how many times she says something sweet spontaneously, it still makes my heart SWELL with love. You are going to love every second. :)

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Even when your 12 year old daughter hates you, she still loves you.

Happy ICLW!

Straubles said...

So sweet! I'm so excited for a girl too. It'll either be payback for the misery I caused my poor mother growing up, or the most wonderful thing in the world. Hopefully the 2nd!! :-) Plus the girlie stuff is SO cute!!

babyinterrupted said...

My younger brother, who was mad at my mom one day when he was about 3 because she had made him clean up his room, wrote her a note that evening. "Dear Mom. I hate you. Love, John."

My mom still has the note. Cracks us up. (He does not hate her, FYI.)

Glad you got a little future-glimpse!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Awww how sweet! I love those moments! And hopefully your little one will skip the 'I hate you' phase.

Donna said...

My 4yo does that to me all the time. Just out of the blue she'll want a big hug or a kiss. It is absolutely the sweetest thing ever! I can't wait for you to be able to have the same experience!

hope4joy said...

That is the cutest. You are so blessed and I am sure lots of "I love you mommy" are in your future.

Kate said...

I bet you have about a dozen years of sweetness before all hell breaks loose. Then you'll be uncool, but just for a few years, then all will be well.

I love the idea of you and your little one swimming together. That made Me say awwww.


Michele said...

sweet story all around!