Monday, May 18, 2009

The kindness of strangers

To the woman who caught me in the train station parking lot this morning to tell me that the back of my dress was caught in my underwear: THANK YOU. Because nothing would have started off the week quite like stepping onto a crowded train and showing everyone my rapidly expanding ass.

And that would be the most exciting thing I have to report at the moment. It was hotter than heckfire this weekend -- 102 at my house yesterday -- so I spent all day yesterday in front of the TV, eating leftover pizza and popsicles. It was pretty awesome.

How many days until Friday? (Ooo, and a 3-day weekend!)


Carrie said...

That woman is awesome! Thank god for that... but I had to laugh a little, too.

I am so excited for Friday and THE WEEKEND! Is it going to be that hot in your neck of the woods again? I was melting here and it was about 75!

K said...

OMG. That's the kinda shit that happens to me. And at least there are still some nice people out there. We're gettin the same weather system BTW, 90 here yesterday.

Flower said... is too funny....I am so glad that woman told you (wink)

Me said...

That is sooo funny! Been there, done that! Have a good work week!

Michele said...

I think I would have died. I've had sh!t like that happen and man, it is never fun. Thank goodness for nice people!

102! OMG, that is freaking hot!

Can't believe OB day is quickly approaching! So exciting! Get here May 21st! :)

Bethany Lenhart said...

That is hysterical!

A said...

OMGOSHHHH That is so funny! I am so glad she said something! I always wonder what I should do if I see someone with that problem. I mean, heck- I would want someone to tell me if my booty was hanging out but I hate to embarass someone by pointing it out.

Note to self: Not telling is more embarassing for the panty tucker than telling

:) haha thanks for the chuckle

Kate said...

bless that woman-- truly.
and here? not even 50. I spent the day in a fleece jacket and wool socks huddled by my heater. I don't envy your 102, but I do envy your popsicles.

Mary said...

Thank goodness for the lady!!!
You must be somewhere around here, we were 96 at our house just outside of San Jose. Was so much better today!

Tracy said...

OH! Thank goodness for good samaritans!

Hope it has cooled down for you! We've gone from cold to boiling! Gotta love Vegas! Hope you are having a great week!