Thursday, October 8, 2009

Babymoon, take 2

It's Fleet Week here in San Francisco, and the Blue Angels are doing practice runs overhead, which must mean it's almost anniversary time! Six years ago this week I was an hour late to my own wedding because of traffic streaming out of the Presidio after the Blue Angels air show. Which resulted in my poor now-husband having to give a speech to the assembled guests letting them know that I was NOT leaving him at the altar, but just stuck in gridlock in the back of a limo. Thank goodness for cell phones!

To mark this momentous occasion, we have planned a second babymoon this weekend, to try and make up for the fact that our previous attempt didn't exactly have the glow of romance to it. So I used hotel points to book us a room downtown, where we will blissfully (hopefully) be tourists in our own city for a weekend. We have dinner reservations, and big plans to walk around aimlessly and maybe ride a cable car or two.

Given that we just spent a buttload of money remodeling and buying baby stuff, there will be no gifts exchanged this year. But, I'm thinking of totally cheesing out and writing a love letter to the Mr. He has always been more than I could have hoped for, but in this past year particularly. I feel like I don't tell him enough what an amazing partner he is, and so I think I'm going to take a crack at putting it in writing before my brain turns to baby mush.

Has anyone else ever done this? Any advice?


Tracy said...

I have never written a love letter to my husband but that is such a sweet idea! IF is hell and I know I have had to lean on my husband a lot since our diagnosis/IVF!

Hope your 2nd attempt at a babymoon is much better than the first! :) And Happy Anniversary!

A said...

I hope you guys have a GREAT time! That is a great idea! He'll love it!!

Ashley said...

I write love letters to my husband all the time and he usually writes one to me at anniversaries. We're gross.

Have fun on baby moon part 2!!

Valerie said...

If it were me, I'd write the letter. Knowing that there is a big change ahead, I would do everything I could to strenghthen the relationship with your husband.

"Jay" said...

Happy babymoon part deux! I hope there are no GI issues this time! I love the city, fleet week is fun.
I'm glad you got a room in the city because traffic blows during fleet week!

I always give my husband a mushy card for our anniversary. It is really the only time I write out how much I love him. I am sure you will be great writing the letter. The Mr. will be very touched by it, you'll see!

Michele said...

No joke, I have a box of love letters that I wrote to Peter. He saved every single one. Just write from your heart. :)

And a second Babymoon! WOoHoo!

Sue said...

It is such a sweet idea to write a love letter to the Mr.!! Have a great second babymoon! Its so much fun to be tourists in your own town, I think you miss so much interesting when you "just" live somewhere.

Amber said...

Happy anniversary!!! Hope you have a great weekend together.

Sorry I can't be much help on the letter...just write what's in your heart, I guess. :-)

Kate said...

I love the idea of a babymoon staycation :) And the love letter is a great idea.

My hubs and I are disgustingly cheesy, and often write each other cards with love notes in them. Just let it all out -- he's your husband, he knows it all anyway!

Carrie said...

ENJOY! Eat room service, sleep in! And definitely write a love letter to your husband. It will mean a lot when you forget his name in a few months. (JUUUUST kidding. Sort of.)


zengirl said...

How to write a love letter...? Hmmm.... I am pretty sure that letting a man know how wonderful he is in bed would suffice as a love letter to him and make his day! LOL! But seriously, just let your heart guide your pen and you'll be fine. Hope your second shot at Babymoon goes phenomenally well!