Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slowing down

Well, I've fought the good fight for 33 weeks, but I think it's over. It's official. I have become an annoying slow person. You know, the person you have to speed by on the sidewalk when you're trying to make the light. The person you pass on the right side of the escalator. The person you need to watch hoist herself up out of the train seat before you can get out at your stop.

I've tried to ignore this inevitable progression. I huff and puff with people down the hall at work, I do all the planks and downward dogs in yoga, I swim with the "real" swimmers in the lanes at the pool. But I don't think I'm fooling anyone.

And, more importantly, it's time to stop fooling myself. I fell up an escalator running for the train last week, and even though I didn't land on anything "important" and only ended up cutting/bruising my foot, it was stupid and unnecessary and a little bit scary. Yesterday morning I slipped a bit getting out of the shower -- again, no harm, no foul, but a good reminder to slow the hell down.

And you know what? It feels right. At 33 weeks, I should take more care to acknowledge what my body is doing, and preparing to do. And of course it's time to seriously adjust my thinking -- it's not just me I'm responsible for anymore.

Now if only I could remind myself of this the next time I'm at a crosswalk with the flashing red hand blinking and only 3 seconds left to cross, I'll be all set!


K said...

I thought I was the only person I knew that could fall going UP stairs. Ah...good idea to slow down. You're so close. No need to be in a hurry at all. How's that Bay Bridge working out for ya? Er...lack thereof.

Mo said...

Yes, slow down! and be careful! your center of gravity isn't where it used to be, you know?


Donna said...

I'm right there with you! It's hard to admit - but some days I come home so tired I don't even have the energy to move an inch.

I guess we just need to slow down and enjoy the baby kicks!

Sue said...

That's gotta be hard to do! I was swimming laps this morning wondering if I really think I'm going to do my daily 30 laps towards the end of this pregnancy...and I think you just informed me, probably not! I can see it being really hard when you are used to being one of the people who rushes by others on the street/subway/mall/ I am too. But, you are walking/running/swimming/doing yoga for 2, so take care:-)

Anonymous said...

baby furniture and slowing down and lots of pink stuff omg you're almost there! It's so exciting! :)

Kate said...

thinking of you
and knowing that changing from charging ahead to taking it slowly is quite a transition-- wishing you luck as you slow down a little, and wishing you the best sleep possible these next few weeks as you get ready for your little girl.