Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Basics

We took our first prenatal class -- Baby Basics -- over the weekend. It was definitely basic, which was a good thing for this only child with very limited baby experience. Although I have to imagine that changing a dry diaper on a doll is going to be wee bit less complicated than changing a squirming baby with poop running down her leg with a cat on the changing table and the phone ringing on 2 hours of sleep. But I suppose those would be hard conditions to simulate.

Now, I'm always the eager beaver in class-type situations -- lots of questions, and notes, and probably annoying the crap out of everyone else -- but I couldn't help noticing that a lot of the couples in the room looked very unhappy. Or at least seriously disinterested. The classes aren't mandatory, so I don't really get it. But it made me kind of sad for them. I guess you never really know what people are going through. And honestly, maybe they were all just in food coma or something since the class was right after lunch.

But it did remind me, once again, that while infertility sucks the big one, it's certainly removed any ambivalence I thought I had about becoming a parent. I guess I'll have to wait and see if poop sucks worse than Lupron, but I'm pretty sure I'll be happy to go with the poop.


Michele said...

I think it depends on how stinky the poop is!

Sue said...

I definitely think poop beats lupron. I mean, at least there are no needles (and the headaches!!!). Besides, with the poop comes a squirmy, sweet, chubby little baby!!! I do think IF makes all of the difference. The class may have been boring but the idea that we are finally going to be mommies would make me smile in the middle of a boring class!

Ben & Anne said...

Nothing like a bit of infertility to give some perspective is there. I was the only one at my class with the notepad and questions too! Bring on the poop is what I say, poop and gorgeous baby definitely beats lupron and despair.

Emily said...

Poop wins hands down for me! How did I know you were an only child? Me too, sista!
I am excited for our baby class, maybe abnormally so :)

zengirl said...

Hi Barefoot,
Your posts always puts a smile on my face-or worse, make me fall off the chair laughing. I just gave you an award. Please visit my blog to collect it! Hope you're doing great!

Jem said...

I'm glad to hear that the ambivalence passes. You must be so excited having taken the class.

I work downtown SF and have been enjoying the airshow from my 22nd floor window.