Friday, July 16, 2010

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

God, I am so boring. I'm sorry. Every time I think about posting, I wrack my brains (what's left of them) for something interesting and pithy to write about. I come up with nothing.

The Chicklette continues to get cuter (I think, anyway). My work schedule continues to get crazier. The Mr. and I continue to fail to find ways to spend any meaningful time together. Lather, rinse, repeat. I can't complain. If I get a couple of glasses of pinot in me, I will, but generally life is good.

A few observations:

  • A barley cereal beard on a baby is a really awesome look.
  • It's really hard to lose that last pooch of pregnancy belly. I think I sort of understand Mom Jeans now.
  • Losing all of your status on United because you didn't fly for 8 months and having to fly in Economy Minus in a plane to the east coast that's packed like a sardine can is Not Fun. Sleeping for 8 straight hours in a hotel bed after downing a Tylenol PM, however, is.
  • Getting fishhooked by a baby is about as much fun as it sounds.
  • It is possible to get promoted after coming back from maternity leave.
  • It's also possible to completely forget what it feels like to be pregnant.
  • Paying 10 extra dollars to see Twilight: Eclipse in IMAX was totally worth it.
  • There can never be too much pink.
  • Or too much laundry detergent.

Happy weekend, everyone!


K said...

No, I am the worst blogger ever because I haven't blogged in like over 2 months. Reading yours though, catching up. Love your pump stories. Yeah, been there, doing that.

Donna said...

Nope - I've got you beat as worst blogger.... somehow having a baby seems to do that to people...

Totally agree with the never to much pink - (to bad I only get blue now...)

zengirl said...

I haven't said much here but I've followed your journey from before baby. I still think you're a great blogger! You never fail to amuse me with whatever you're reporting here! ... Barley cereal beard! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love your catch-up notes! You always crack me up!