Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss Fussy McFusserson

According to this popular child-rearing tome, the Chicklette is scheduled to reach her peak of fussiness this coming Wednesday, i.e. when she turns six weeks old. And let me tell you, Little Miss Fussy McFusserson has certainly been ramping up with a vengeance.

She does well in the morning, and for most of the day (she's started smiling and interacting with the other babies at mom's group, which is So Effing Cute), but starting at around 3:00 we start the long descent into the City of Fussbudgetton. The top of her little head turns red, and then you know you have about 3.7 seconds until you are in for it.

And the eating -- oh, the eating. Apparently there's some growth spurtage going on in Fussbudgetton, because my boobs cannot churn out the goods quickly enough. Well, they actually can, which is lucky I guess, but holy cow. Literally.

So, anyway. You can imagine that we have been in major "let's try and soothe the baby" mode. Here are some things I've learned do NOT soothe the baby:

--Walking around in the Baby Bjorn. The baby starts to scream the second she SEES the Baby Bjorn, much less get strapped into it.
--A pacifier. Unless it's five minutes later, when the pacifier becomes the best thing EVER.
--Dancing around with the baby, and making her shake her hands in the ay-a like she's a big play-a. Although this greatly amuses me, which cannot be underestimated at 3 in the morning.
--The Food Network. Which I don't get, because doesn't the Food Network soothe everyone?!?

I know this phase will end -- at least everyone tells me this phase will end -- but right now it feels like it will never end. Please please tell me it ends.


babyinterrupted said...

It ended for my niece (who is about 14 months old now), but I remember how her parents thought it would go on FOREVER.

Here's what soothed her: Kanye West. And only Kanye. As if she was saying to her parents, "I'mma let you sleep, but first I need to say that this is the BEST CRYING JAG EVER."

Good luck. I hope the peak passes quickly.

Andrea said...

Oh it ends. But then it starts again, and then it ends...and then it starts again!

Rebecca Frech said...

Have you tried a white noise machine or...if you're really desperate..turning on the vacuum cleaner?

Michele said...

Try out a maetai! They work wonders on fussy babies!

K said...

Hmmmm....careful. Sounds like she's working on training YOU! :)
Love the holy cow comment. Mwah ha hah.

Tiffany said...

An exersize ball saved our life those first few weeks! Our baby just wanted to lightly bounce bounce and bounce for hours on end. It won't be like this for long...

ana said...

i call mine Mr Cranky McCrankypants. According to your book, If 6 weeks is the "peak", is it supposed to get BETTER from then? (oh please god, we reach 6 weeks on Saturday!). For us the only thing that DOES work is walking around in the Ergo Baby carrier. OUtside. In freezing weather. Unfortunately we cannot do this all night, but it keeps me getting plenty of exercise during the day!
I've heard about the exercise ball trick from several people---we might try it.

Kerri said...

It gets better. I referred to Camden as "Gussy" (as in Fussy Gussy) every afternoon for a couple of weeks around that time. I would tell people that I started every day with happy Camden and ended each day with his cousin Gussy. Now he usually only fusses when he's overtired or hungry. Hang in there.