Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 weeks

Despite pushing a small bowling ball out of my hoo-hah six weeks ago, I was still VERY WOUND UP about my 6-week postpartum OB/GYN appointment yesterday. You'd think that after all my lady bits had been through, the prospect of a speculum and maybe a finger or two would be no big deal. But, nevertheless, I was scared. What if I was scarred for life down there?

The good news is that I'm not. Things are healed up just fine, and the exam didn't hurt a bit. (Which of course then made me worry that I've been stretched to infinity and will never feel anything -- good or bad -- down there again, but I'm not prepared to really think about that yet.)

And then we commenced the birth control conversation, which I found highly amusing. I mean, seriously? But, because my infertility urban legend friend is expecting in June, I listened. My choices are basically the mini-pill (which concerns me because of the milk supply issue -- the doctor says it shouldn't affect things, but I know a handful of people who had trouble), condoms (which honestly would be fine with me, but not with my husband), and a whole host of other options that don't really appeal to me for various reasons (sticking things up the chute right before trying to get romantic doesn't really do it for me).

So, I don't know. Maybe we'll strike a compromise and use condoms for a couple of months until I go back to work, and then try the pill since I'll probably have to supplement with formula at that point anyway.

Part of me is just tempted to throw caution to the wind -- I mean, really? We're going to get pregnant? And if we did, would that be so bad? We want to have another, and it's not like we're going to let non-ideal timing get in our way after waiting so long for #1.

What holds me back is the embie in the freezer. We need to give that little guy a chance, and then suddenly we're looking at the possibility of three kids. Would that be OK? Yeah, probably, but it's just not something we've ever seriously considered.

Yes, yes, I'm getting way ahead of myself. The chances of our one embie surviving a thaw and a transfer are not great, and the chances of us getting knocked up the old-fashioned way are even less great. Chances are, we'll decide to start trying, go through the whole rigamarole again, and probably not be lucky enough to be successful on the first try of IVF. But these are the things I think about, waiting for the Chicklette to fall asleep at 4 in the morning with "19 Kids and Counting" on in the background.

Maybe I should just stick to SportsCenter.


Michele said...

My OB gave me the same talk. Since we are Catholic, we dont believe in artificial birth control and because of my PCOS, NFP is out of the question. So, we have thrown caution to the wind. Since we have opted for no more fertility meds, if I get pregnant it would be quite the surprise (and blessing, of course).

Donna said...

I just had the same talk... after 10 years trying to get pregnant - he wants me on BC???

Sue said...

LMAO since each week since 36, the doctors and nurses have been trying to have this discussion with me. I just keep saying it took SEVEN IVF's to get us here...seriously, people? I didn't use birth control for the last 4 years and where the hell did it get me? We're gonna just wing it! They seem shocked but really...Given my DH's sperm issues, the chance we will get pregnant naturally is ZERO. Now please don't make me explain this again next week!

Glad to hear all your lady bits are back to normal! I had to giggle because I am already concerned about that! We haven't been all that intimate this pregnancy and we both miss it so I hope it goes back to being good eventually!!!!

Tracy said...

Glad all is well "down there"! I just gave birth 3 weeks ago and my husband is already talking about the next one. We don't have any embies left and we can't afford IVF again. He's hoping we'll be one of those miracle stories. We'll see. I'm too tired to sleep let alone think about having sex.

ana said...

I am also scared about the 6 week appt (which will be at 7 weeks b/c I just called today to schedule, I blame it on "being busy with baby", but truthfully I am in no hurry to get the green light for sex, and DH keeps asking!). I'm glad everything was OK for you, and pain-free!
I have been thinking about the birth control question, and we decided to just go without and come what may. We definitely want at least one more, and we need to get crackin' given my age---we were planning to go back to RE by the time baby is a year old, anyways.

SS said...

Happy 6 weeks to you and me! Are you unexplained? I am, and I actually got pregnant very easily au naturel with #2, despite needing 5 IUIs and 2 IVFs with #1. SO just be warned. We started trying 9 months post partum, because I heard your more fertile in the 12 months following birth. I know what you mean about frozen embies. We actually have 6 from our first IVF. We did a second fresh cycle because with insurance we had basically hit out of pocket max and we wanted to save those for a sibling. Now I wonder if we try for number 3 (did I even type that??) if I'll want to use those. They are much younger- I would have been 33 at birth if I had gotten pregnant with that fresh cycle, so there is something to consider- we won't try for at least 18 months which would make me 38 if I got pregnant then. My 6-week appointment is next week- my doctor couldn't fit anyone in this week. With a c-section the worries aren't really there! I guess the breastfeeding is going better? I actually missed it today, my first day without it! Pumping is sure a pain, but I think I'll be done in 2-3 weeks.

Amber said...

After going through delivery, I can definitely understand why you would be nervous about your 6-week appointment. I don't even want to think about it right now!

We are really not sure what to do on the birth control situation either. Good luck making a decision!

K said...

Wow, yeah, are they serious? I am surprised to learn they still push BC after IVF. With our severe male factor, I can't imagine ever hitting the natural jackpot. Oh, and don't get me started on the 19 kids. Definitely sports center, or at least CNBC. :)

Elle said...

I'm right there with you. We're also winging it, and it's actually not that out of the question given our situation.

Part of me would be thrilled if we managed to get pregnant the old fashioned way, but we also have five frozen embryos that I think about every single day.

"Jay" said...

You know, Sportscenter has a lot of redeeming qualities!!! The 500 kids and counting kills me! Bitch is just showing off!

I say go bare back or use condoms.
BCP's stink and the other options are blech. What are the chances, right??? I just jinxed you, you know!