Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that the only thing less sexy than a pregnant me is a post-partum me. I could tell lots of stories about bleeding, trying to poop, and the lovely sweatsuit ensembles that are my daily uniform, but I think I can make my point much more effectively by listing the items currently on my shelf in the bathroom:

--4 different sizes of maxi pads
--Disposable underwear pilfered from the hospital
--Polysporin ointment (for cracked nipples)
--Giant bottle of ibuprofen (also for said nipples)
--Senokot (natural laxative)

And just think, in 4 weeks my doctor will clear me for sex!



Carrie said...

Oooh, those postpartum days' pains never fade from memory! My doc said at my six week visit: "You CAN have sex, but you can tell your husband I said you cannot." LOVED him for that. ;) Hang in there... XOXO

Kate said...

Oh good lord,
I imagine it takes a while to return to anything like your new normal-- between the birth and now the major breast action, gosh darn. Bet you are sore all over in every way.
Hope you can be gentle with yourself, or at least take comfort in the temporary nature of some of this!

Love Carrie's comment, about being cleared but getting a free pass-- good luck will all of your parts!

warm wishes for quick healing and increased comfort.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're still beautiful. I love the word "pilfer"

Anonymous said...

Know your busy with a baby and all but you have the ICLW up from oct. You need to clean house:)

Anonymous said...

One of my girlfriend's who just gave birth told me to take extra disposable underwear from the hospital...too funny that I see it here too!

Michele said...

Sex after pregnancy... Not sexy- at all. Even though my pads are hidden and my boobs dont hurt, I still feel self conscience in that dept! I think it takes a while to get over.

Nonnie said...

You should get a script for this stuff called Newman's Nipple Cream. It worksamazingly, and you don't have to wash it off before nursing the baby.

Brooke said...

Oh goodness girl I feel ya. I am sorry your nips are hurting. I hope your little one gets the hang of the breastfeeding so that you can nurse without the hurt. Are we going to get to see pictures of your little squirt anytime soon?

kdactyl said...

Ahhhh....Post sucks really. But here are a few things that helped me....get some breast will allow baby to nurse and you will also be able to heal. They are the best thing my lactation consultant ever gave can get them at babies r us or Targel...made by medela.

And...lansinoh ointment for boobies is the best....

Love the disposable need for washing...just wear and toss. will graduate to panty liners soon.

I'm so excited for you and your peanut...she is beautiful. Loved your birth story....sounds like you did great for an induction and the epidural rocked....I had a scheduled c-section cuz of breech drugs were great too! Yippee.

Enjoy these early days...they are hard, but totally the best days ever...and they fly by too fast.


Emily said...

Oh I am soooo right there with you! I am impressed how many blog entries you have written since Chicklette arrived!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm just getting caught up after having my little girl on 12/16. I hear you on everything - breastfeeding is terribly difficult, I hardly leave the house, and I have the same assortment of scary items in the bathroom (plus Dermaplast and my "perineum spray bottle" from the hospital). I hope you and the Chicklette continue to do well. I'm SO excited for you!!!

Ashley said...

That's hilarious!! I have those things stocked in my bathroom for the big day...I'm so excited to use them!!!! HA HA! Sex has to be the farthest thing on your mind;)

Krissi McVicker said...

Congrats!!! I wanted to know if you'd be interested in being a part of my new schedule on Sundays celebrating successful IF stories on my new blog? I know you are busy and exhausted (I've been twins are 4 months old!) so check it out when you have the time and let me know! Thanks!!