Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting my a** kicked

Butt-kicking seems to be a theme this week. Let me count the ways:

1. Work. I am in my crazy time of the year at work, and have been struggling mightily to get everything done, keep my cool, and travel across time zones without the help of Tylenol PM. I think that last part has been the hardest.

2. Yoga. I went again on Wednesday, and did some more struggling trying to keep up with the other ladies, who are all 30+ weeks pregnant. How embarrassing is that?!? I keep hoping it will get easier.

3. The chicklette. [TMI alert!] As of yesterday, she has taken to kicking me in the ass -- from the inside. Little jabs all night long in my tailbone, and um, other places in the rear. I wish I could describe the sensation, as it's honestly the weirdest thing I've ever felt. Plus, it makes me feel like I have to poop ALL THE TIME, which, given my issues in that area, is like the biggest tease EVER.

Despite the multilateral ass-kicking, I am enjoying every minute of the journey. I may feel differently tomorrow, when I have to attend a wedding with my in-laws at which I cannot employ my usual in-laws coping mechanism (i.e., alcohol).

Hopefully there will be some good cake.


Flower said...

mmmmmmmmm...Cake....sounds good. Oh you poor baby....hugs to you.

Michele said...

Awww... When she's older you can tell her that she was literally a pain in the ass when she was in the womb!

Love B&P said...

Ohh how I remember that feeling from B's pregnancy - you're right, not really a feeling you can describe!

And I have to laugh about the ILs comment - I know your pain there too :)

Take care mama!

Brooke said...

Lol! So funny! Now I dont feel so crazy for feeling like Colton is dancing on my bladder most days! Hope the stress lets up soon.

SS said...

The yoga willg et easier, don't worry. A few weeks and you'll eb there. Traveling across time zones sounds rough! I had a wave of exhaustion this week (may be the ridiculously high temps) and I can't even imagine doing that sort of thing!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, family get-togethers without alcohol. Lara Croft's got nothin' on you. You are Bravest Chick ever!