Monday, August 16, 2010

All turkey, all the time

What is it with the Chicklette and homemade baby food? Last week we had the Great Zucchini Drama. This week -- Turkey Gagfest 2010.

I thought I was being efficient -- I bought a pound of organic ground turkey at Whole Foods, and would use 1/3 of it for baby food and the rest for Mommy/Daddy food (Turkey Bolognese -- yum). I gently cooked/poached it in a nonstick pan with water, and then lovingly pureed it in the Cuisinart until it was smooth and, if I may say so myself, quite tasty (for pureed meat).

At dinnertime, I assembled a veritable buffet of turkey, avocado, sweet potatoes and green beans. I thought it looked awesome. First we tried avocado. Then the veggies. And then....

Turkey went in. Bottom lip went out. A wail emanated, and then I swear to God my baby gave me the universal sign for choking. She wasn't really choking, but OH, THE DRAMA. I mean, really? It's TURKEY. Poached in WATER. Organic and pure and all that crap.

The good news is, the Turkey Bolognese was delish, so after we put the Chicklette's cranky, turkey-hating ass to bed, we enjoyed that with a nice Super Tuscan.

Tonight we'll try again. Because there are a dozen itty bitty containers of turkey in the freezer, and they will be eaten!!


ana said...

pureed meat? hmmm. we haven't tried this yet, and now i'm not so sure. but we had EXTREME zucchini drama yesterday. Oh the faces. They are sad. (and a little funny). this from the kid who eats banana/avocado/rice cereal/green bean MIXED UP. suddenly he is picky!

I thought the zucchini was great. I'll throw it in a pasta or something :)

babyinterrupted said...

From a PURELY selfish perspective...any chance you'd post that turkey bolognese recipe? Because that sounds good. And I promise not to cry while eating it. :)

Good luck with the other turkey containers. My niece, whose mother is a nutritionist, only wanted to eat dark chocolate for about two weeks. It was organic. (And they made her eat other stuff.)

SS said...

meat is tough. it's best to mix it with a favorite, like sweet potatoes or carrots, the texture is better and it will go down easier. good luck!

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha! I love the ongoing-saga of new liquified foods! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Jessica said...

Hi! I found your blog through google and have been reading and reading! We have our first IVF consult scheduled for Oct. 05, and I am looking for ladies that have been through the process. Congratulations on your little one!