Friday, February 27, 2009

Watery Syringes and Fake Tummies

Picture this: a half-dozen jittery infertiles, gathered around a table of syringes, bottles of "medication" (water), and fake rubber abdomens. Sounds like more fun than a double episode of Grey's Anatomy, right?

Wrong. Well, sort of wrong. I have to admit that the "IVF Class" experience (couldn't they come up with a catchier title, like "Sticking a Needle in Your Ass 101"?) was at least marginally entertaining. What's not fun about discussing the potential side effects of myriad Class C drugs? Or what to do with our embryos if the IVF process drives us to a) divorce, or b) drive ourselves over a cliff? Do we want to donate extra embryos to another infertile couple? Medical research? None of the above?

Good times. I did get a kick out of how excited my husband was to learn how to administer a progesterone shot. I also had fun shooting water out of a syringe into his right eye from across the table. You have to get your jollies where you can.

All kidding aside, I am actually eager to get this show on the road. We're set to get ultrasounded and (if everything looks OK) start injections next Thursday. I am still awaiting receipt of the giant box 'o meds from the Special Infertility Pharmacy (is there anything about this process that doesn't make you feel so SPECIAL?), which should be a fun reality check.

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